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A Blended Learning Environment

Blended Learning

One of the best attributes of a blended learning class is giving the student the option to choose their learning environment.  Before online learning had become a staple in today’s training classes you could only go to a traditional classroom or have to head to the library and start reading.  Now with online training you can literally attend your class from anywhere with an internet connection.  Every student can truly create their most efficient personal learning environment with the option of a blended learning training class.

One of our students here at Solartech said she wasn’t sure if training Live Online would be a good option for her.  After a couple of days she came back saying how much more focused she was training in a no distractions environment.  Training online helped to increase her retention and productivity, where in a traditional classroom she might have come across some initial distractions that might have taken away from her learning experience.  The best part is you still can positively connect with your instructor and other students.  Training Industry Inc. states that “participants in a live collaborative learning event share the same important bond with their instructors and colleagues as they would in an in-person setting. That connection translates into performance gains.”

The Live Online classroom mimics an in-person class as in you will see the same instructors’ screens and access the same hands-on labs as the other students in the class.  We launched our LivE online learning platform with the intent to offer a more flexible training option to a larger demographic of IT professionals.   Now over 40% of our clients attend our training LivE online.   With technology only speeding up, the blended learning environment has become a necessity to facilitate technology training to the modern-day IT professional.


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Microsoft Office 365 First Look

Office 365 Future 

The eagerly anticipated Office 365 has finally arrived!  If you have yet to hear or read about this new cloud based software, it is Microsoft ‘s newest solution for productivity.  As the next generation to BPOS, Office 365 brings Office Professional’s Plus, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps into an easy-to-use, cloud-based management tools in a single location.  Check out this video for more information about Microsoft Office 365!

If your organization is interested to learn more about Office 365  we are offering a 3 hour instructor-led training session on 7/26 1pm-4pm EST.   This training will be live online with live demonstrations.  If you are interested, please click here to register.

If you are looking for a private customized training for your organization, please feel free to contact me.

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Featured Training Class: Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Microsot Lync Server 2010

Deploying, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Lync Server 2010

We are back with another great Microsoft Lync Server 2010 training class!  As stated in our previous blog post Lync Server 2010 is an enterprise real-time communications server, providing the infrastructure for enterprise instant messaging, presence, file transfer, peer-to-peer and multiparty voice and video calling, ad hoc and structured conferences. aka An amazing addition to your current communication efforts. It is also one of great features of the new Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

Course 10533: Deploying, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is a five-day instructor-led training course teaches IT professionals how to deploy, configure, and administer a Microsoft Lync Server 2010 solution. The course emphasizes Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Voice features from a deployment and configuration perspective. The labs in this course build on each other to create a solution that includes IM and Presence, Conferencing, and Enterprise Voice. This course helps the student prepare for Exam70-664.

Course Highlights:

  • Deploy Lync Server 2010
  • Configure and manage external user access using the Edge server role
  • Perform back up and restore of Lync Server 2010 critical data
  • Integrate Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Unified Messaging (UM)
  • Deploy and manage Lync 2010 clients
  • Improve bandwidth management using Call Admission Control (CAC)
  • Describe how the features and architecture of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 enable real time communication and collaboration

Feel free to Contact us with any questions. Our next scheduled session is on 7/11  – 7/15.  Thanks!



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Your next Microsoft Training manual could be on a Kindle!

Let’s face it, E-books are in.  For the everyday professional its just a much easier way to travel and still get that extra chapter in with half the weight, half the fuss and 5 times the content. 

Microsoft Technology training can be very focused in a short amount of time so easy access to your coursewarel is the optimal situation.  Now you have the option to download your courseware into an Amazon Kindle.  Here are some of the great aspects of using a Kindle for your next Microsoft training class:

  • Easily jump to any section or module of your courseware
  • Bookmark sections for later use
  • Highlight and add notes to any page
  • Simple USB connect to your PC
  • WiFi enabled to search the web for any course questions

This is all included in the Microsoft IT Digital Training Kit — that comes with Microsoft Official Digital Courseware and a Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher — and the Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi) is included. The Kindle device comes preloaded with one version of a digital Microsoft Official Course, and a voucher exam code that maps to the chosen course – everything youwill need to get started and trained.  You can gain valuable IT skills  and walk away with a new Kindle device. Microsoft Digital Training Kit Includes:

  • Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi)
  • Microsoft Official Digital Course
  • Microsoft Commercial Exam Voucher

Get your Microsoft Digital Training Kit Now!


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Technology Training Ease

Do you know the two main excuses I hear when I ask an IT professionals about their training needs? There’s either not enough hours in the day or not enough money in the budget.  Now these really aren’t the worst excuses ever, but training is a necessity for IT Pro’s to keep up with today’s advancements.

The modern day professional does not have time for a 2 hour commute to a training facility or even worse to another state for 3-5 days. Todays’ IT folks are intensely aware of their time constraints and feel more open to virtual training because it allows them more control and freedom.

We provide online training through our LivE learning platform. LivE brings online, interactive, instructor led training to anywhere that is best for you to learn whether it be: Home, work, the library, Starbucks, a different Starbucks, or anywhere else that has WiFi   This can enable you to maneuver your daily schedule around your training class.

Beyond that, your course book and labs are all accessible through your laptop, so there is no need to have that flashback of a that hefty backpack in middle school…or is that just me? Technology training should never be a burden, but more of a great opportunity for your career.   Simply put, Live Online training can help with the comfort and convenience of your next training session.

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Featured Class: Windows Azure


Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 

Microsoft Cloud Power is upon us and it’s best to get ahead of the curve with Windows Azure.  This class is an introduction to cloud computing and specifically Microsoft’s public cloud offering in Windows Azure. Windows Azure has been described by Microsoft as an operating system for “the cloud”. In this class, you explore this new cloud operating system and learn how to write, deploy and monitor .NET applications in Azure.

50466A: Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010  is designed for .NET developers with Web application experience that are exploring developing new applications or porting existing applications to Windows Azure.

Course Highlights

  • Understand cloud computing in its various forms and how Windows Azure fits in the cloud computing space.
  • Learn why organizations want to run applications in the Azure cloud.
  • Understand the architecture of Azure.
  • Explore the Azure SDK and DevFabric development environment.
  • See how to develop applications for Azure and how that varies from “normal” .NET application development.
  • Write and deploy a ASP.NET Web application (Web Role) to Azure.
  • Explore Azure storage capability.
  • Explore SQL Azure capability.

Feel free to Contact us with any questions.  Thanks!


    Jason Rosoff| Learning Solutions Specialist | | |

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Budget, Budget, BUDGET!

In these current economic times you can’t escape this buzz word.  At the same time we can’t slow down advances in technology and the need for IT professionals to keep up with these new platforms/ applications/ programs.   Training becomes a necessity to for pro’s to advance their skills more efficiently.  The only thing is your boss reminded you that the 2nd “Budget” of those 3 “Budgets” is for travel costs.  This is where LivE web based training saves the day.

Companies of all size are taking advantage of cost effective benefits of Web Based training. Training Industry Inc. recently stated that “as much as 40 cents of every dollar spent on in-person training goes to travel and lodging costs”.   I’m no mathematician, but that seems like large expense that can be easily avoided. 

Live Web Based training is bringing dramatic cost savings to companies all over the world while providing an effective informal learning environment for their employees to succeed.   We here at Solartech have seen this learning trend from afar and have adapted our business mission around it. Over 80% of our clients participate in our training Live online.  With that they are able to watch an instructor demonstration live, ask questions, receive live answers and remote control our live labs.  Engage your training initiatives live online and see your accounting department smile.




Jason Rosoff| Learning Solutions Specialist | | |

Solartech is a Microsoft managed and award winning Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. Solartech is leading the training industry with our innovative LivE online learning solutions for Microsoft technologies. With our eco friendly distance learning practice, we help thousands of our corporate clients go green with us by participating in live training right from their homes or offices. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint with green training solutions.

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